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This beast of a waterfall is one of my very favorites. Rarely do I include people in my shots but for this one I had a willing participant, who despite her umbrella still got soaked. Thanks @bronwyni! Also as often as I’ve been to this waterfall I’ve struggled to take a photo that shows the entire place. Usually opting for a nice cascade foreground and the waterfall backdrop. This monster throws off so much mist that taking your time and finding a good composition can be quite challenging, but I think this wide scene shot finally captures what I’ve had in my head. The second shot is something that I typically have shot here and was taken on the heaviest flow I’ve ever seen at Proxy. It was so much that I snagged one shot and left. These were taken a week apart and show just how much can change in a short time, the same rock and cascade is in the foreground of both. ______________________________________________________ Today is the last day for the print sale that I’ve been running recently. Use code SPRING2020 to get 20% off any style print: Acrylic Face-Mounted, Chromaluxe Metal, Fuji Pearl Crystal Archive Paper. This is the biggest discount that I’ve ever offered on my work. Anything her on Instagram is also available if it’s not already on my website. See the link in my bio or please visit ______________________________________________________ #waterfallsfordays #pnwadventures #pnw #oregonexplored #oregonisbeautiful #oregonlife #upperleftusa #longexpoelite #fineartnature #waterfallsofinstagram #pnwonderland