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Yesterday I watched as Amanda Kloots explained herself after getting the Covid vaccine. I saw this mother, that not long ago said goodbye to her husband after he fought a long battle with Covid, emotionally defend herself for being vaccinated.             I’ll admit when I saw her picture getting the vaccine I wondered how she got it. But I left it at that. No harsh words needed. This mother needed to be vaccinated, as I believe everyone should be to combat this deadly virus. And instead of praise by her followers, she was thrown with words of anger.                   So I’m here to thank Amanda Kloots for being an advocate to the importance of vaccines. I thank you for your explanation of how you came about being vaccinated because you opened my eyes to these #vaccinehunters that have been trying to find vaccines at the end of the day that would otherwise go into the trash. I thank you for not only telling us your vaccine story, but for constantly showing us a glimpse into your world of raising a child on your own and dealing with the loss of your love.             Let’s take a moment and applaud the people that are trying to use those vaccines that are sadly being thrown out. I was educated by Amanda’s experience. And with that, I have chosen to educate those around me. I hate hearing vaccines are being wasted when we can all benefit from them. I want this to be over and it’s through the determination of those that want the vaccine that we will see an end of this terrible pandemic.              So let’s show love. Let’s applaud this act. Let’s show compassion. What we know for certain is that with one more arm vaccinated, it’s a step closer to a better tomorrow.             Hooray for... I love this sweatshirt I got. My purpose was to wear it for Valentine’s Day. But I think, more than ever, it’s going to be worn to remind myself and everyone I come into contact with that we need more love in our actions. πŸ’—β€‰β€‰β€‰β€‰β€‰β€‰ .   .   .   #bumps2babiesinc #nurse #doula #vaccines #vaccinehunters #vaccineeducation #educateyourself #momtruth #pandemic #covid #coronavirus #pfizer #moderna #hoorayforlove #compassion #empathy #newportcoast #newportbeach #orangecounty #california
Yesterday was a big day for me. I got my second dose of the #moderna vaccine. To say I’m elated is an understatement.       But I’d like to take this time to talk about the vaccine and how life will look now that I am vaccinated. In all honesty, I thought once I got both my doses, I’d get to see my clients without as much concern. The more I educated myself, the more I realize there’s more to it.       Getting vaccinated is the first step. But it’s not the last. Due to the fact that I live with unvaccinated individuals, I have the potential of bringing Covid home to them. The vaccine isn’t 100% effective (no vaccine is) and that leaves room for me to get infected and bring it back if I’m exposed. So if you’re vaccinated, do not think it’s a free pass to go around hugging everyone. It’s not!       It will take time and a lot more vaccinated individuals in the population to see Covid dwindle to the point where we can intermingle like we once did. So do your part and find out about getting vaccinated. I know for our household, my husband and I already know how we will have to move forward to ensure the kids remain safe until there’s a vaccine available in their age group.       If you’re curious about the Covid vaccine, ask your healthcare provider. If you’re pregnant and wondering if you should get vaccinated, I urge you to speak to your OB-GYN.       Remember this is a medical practice, not medical perfection. The more people get vaccinated, the more data we will gather regarding effectiveness and herd immunity.       All precautions will be continued on my part. Social distancing and wearing a mask (actually 2). I will wait 14 days from this last dose to allow proper time for antibodies to build. I’ll be posting more through an IG live later today to talk about the side effects I’ve experienced. Hope you swing by to say hi πŸ‘‹πŸΌβ€‰β€‰ .    .    .    .    .    #bumps2babiesinc #nurse #doula #vaccine #cdc #seconddose #covidvaccine #byecovid #vaccinate #disneypod #modernavaccine #socialdistancing #pandemic #pfizervaccine #covid #newportcoast #newportbeach #orangecounty #california
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