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Does anyone know what time it is? It’s CHA-TIME!!! Time for Tea! A long time ago, I did try Cha-time in Indonesia and I wished it would’ve came to Houston. 4 years had passed and it came true. Cha-time is known in Indonesia, so for sure I had to try the Bellaire Chinatown location. Off the bat, it looks like any boba place. But then you walk in and notice the colorful decor all around. Their aesthetics are more on the floral side. Like most shops, it does have WIFI. So you students looking for good places to study and work. Look no further. Drink-wise, i got the Grass Jelly Wintermelon Tea, The grass jelly was nice and soft. While the tea itself isn’t overly sweet. So it was a nice refreshing drink. Its in the Top 10 popular drinks. As for food, the kimchi fries were well made. They had a nice texture to the fries. It was firm, and crisp fries. The only thing is I like them cheesy, and these fries were more on the sauce side. They also had a good portion of the bulgogi in there too. And for the Takoyaki, i believe its like any good takoyaki I’ve tried. Had good flavor, savory, the octopus was chewy. Not bad. Price-wise, it’s similar to all boba shops ranging around $4-5. As for food, ranges around $6-10. The fact that Cha-time sells food and Drinks. Helps students alot so that you know. They not starving themselves while studying. The service was quite nice. A cashier told me of a nice promotion going on. Where you can get a month worth of drinks for $20. Costing basically $0.66 if you redeem them all. Of course, if you’re looking for an alternative where you can get a drink for essentially cents. It’s common sense to actually get it. If you’re a student, get this card and basically study there your whole life. Overall the Food, Vibe, and service deserves a rating of a 4.1/5. It has many competitions around the area. So this place is good to try out. If you’re a broke college student like me, come thru and study here. #boba #bobalife #bobatea #food #foodporn #dessert #fries #Kimchifries #chatime #tea #wintermelontea #takoyaki #foodie #foodies #foodiesofinstagram #houstonlife @chatimehouston
Need something to spice up your life? Look no further cause Pepper Lunch is here for you. This place is located in Bellaire Food Street. So you already know it is gonna be a lit area. The price is normally considered a bit on the pricier side, so it’ll be good to come with friends and family from time to time. Food wise, the portions are good. Enough for a person to eat. For the beef pepper rice, it was unique to eat while everything is sizzling. Taste-wise, its like a fried rice but fancier. And as for the Teppan pasta with Sausage and cheese, the sauce was creamy. And by adding the cheese. Made it better tenfold. Cause cheesy dinners are life. If you’re looking for how to make it the best way you can. They have instructions or the employees will help you out in figuring out how to make it. The vibe of the store is inviting. The cashiers greet you, recommend the better dishes, and are very helpful to choose the best dish for your tastebuds. Overall, i’d give the experience, service and taste. A rating of 3.8/5. The food is good. However, it needs more flavor added like cheese or other meats to make it more satisfying. Making it a bit more pricier. If you’re ever looking for a Japanese style of cooking with sizzling plates. I’d recommend you to try their pasta and beef pepper rice. #pepperlunch #beef #rice #pasta #food #foodporn #japanesefood #japanese #sizzlingplates #creamypasta #foodstagram @pepperlunch_usa
A new korean coffee shop just opened up at Bellaire Food Street and its Tomntom Coffee. At the moment, they are still in their soft opening phase. So there are a few things they are still working on. But overall my experience there was very interesting. The staff were very friendly. They checked up on me to see if everything was good, offered me water and also took my plate after i was done to have it out of my way. For the food, i tried their garlic cheese bread. And i gotta say, its nice and toasty. Very flavorful, cheesy, and semi-sweet with a honey drizzle. As for the drink, i got a Horchata Frappe. It had a nice horchata flavor to it. It was sweet and refreshing. For the price, i’d say it is like a boba place. So its not that pricey. As for the overall surroundings, it has a very simple design, but has an aesthetic clean look. It is very student-friendly or even work friendly environment. Some tables even has phone chargers just in case you forget your charger. Like not many places do that, and it helps so much to customers. So this will be another student-oriented place i would recommend to go to. Cause they also offer food. The rating for Tomntom Coffee since it is in their soft opening stage. With the good service, food and drinks, and vibe of the place. They deserve a 4.6/5. #korean #coffee #tomntom #food #foodporn #koreanfood #foodie #foodiesofinstagram #garlicbread #boba #drinks #horchata @tomntomsbellaire
SoHo-ld up? Are you telling me theres a Korean Fried Chicken shop in Chinatown? Well now that I know, be prepared to be blessed with the crispy, sweet and spicy joy you’ll taste with the wings you’ll eat at SoHo. So I recommend that if you’re going with a group of 2-3 ppl. Order a seafood tteokbokki with cheese. And 20 pcs of any styled wings of your choice. Their flavors include spicy, garlic soy, special, and original. The way they make their wings are perfect. The crispyness and the amount of sauce is flavorful. My personal favorites are spicy and garlic soy. Spicy, has the right amount of spice that helps me enjoy the chicken in itself and Garlic soy, has the sweet and savoriness that you’ll want while after eating the spicy. They help compliment each other. As for the tteokbokki, it is definitely hard to find a place that serves it well. And i gotta hand it to Soho, they make it exceptionally well. They have the spice factor, the seafood is well cooked, and was definitely cheesy when adding the cheese. On regards to their service, the servers were very nice, the food came out quick, and I got to enjoy the time there. The atmosphere in Soho is also great, i’d consider this place as a great hangout spot with friends. Eating wings, tteokbokki, talking with friends, enjoying all the kpop videos shown around me, and also having drinks as well. If i were to give a rating I’d say it has to be a 4/5. Because it is a bit on the pricier side, however they do offer lunch specials. Don’t be a chicken, and try this place out!!! #korean #koreanfood #wings #ttoekbokki #foodporn #foodadventures #chickenwings #kpop #foodie #foodiesofinstagram @sohochickenhouston
You hear the saying “There are many fish in the sea” quite alot. Well whoever said that, tell them there is only one fish that will be there through think and thin. And that’s Somi Somi! Through Happiness, sadness, heartbreak or even when starting a relationship. This place will be there for you. They are located in Katy Asian Town, and they also have a Sugarland location as well. The decor is fairly simple, very clean, nice staff, and did I mention good dessert?!?!?! I would consider myself a koreaboo, not because I like kpop but I also love Korean food as well. And Taiyaki here is the BEST. Let’s get down to business, the Taiyaki has a nice crunch to it and is lightly sweet in itself. And it complements with the soft-serve EXTREMELY WELL. They are like a Dynamic Duo. So what I got was the Ah-Boong, it basically is the combination with the Taiyaki and the soft-serve. For sure, the Matcha Lover I am, chose Matcha Ice cream with a Nutella filling for the Taiyaki, a Macaron and Frosted Flake Dust (or another cereal) *Cant Remember. :3 It was around $6, after trying this, I told myself, it was worth it. After trying this, if I didn’t live far from this place. Because I’m an addict I would probably try to come here and raid them of their Taiyaki everyday. But I gotta control myself, or else my wallet will be sad to look at. All in all, with the made to order Taiyaki, the softness of the ice cream, the sweetness of the nutella and the beauty of this dessert. I would rate in terms of place, dessert in itself, service, and price. I would give it a 4.7/5. @somisomiicecream #ahboong #taiyaki #taiyakiicecream #dessert #foodporn #foodies #foodie #matcha #softserveicecream #softserve #matchaicecream #taiyakis #houstonfoodies #houstonfood #houstoneats
Which boba place ranks high? If you guessed Tea Top, you are correct. Get it? Cause its on Top? Tea Top? 😅 This Location was at Katy Asian Town, and I also have been to the Bellaire Chinatown Location as well. Both places are nice, but this one took the cake for me. Firstly, this place is a safe zone for struggling college students trying to reach for that A. They basically even have their own studying area. Like Nani?!?? A boba place to study at, is the place to be. Their service was also nice, the cashier recommended stuff, and they even had their little own off-menu drinks to make you feel more living life on the edge. You might ask, “Was it Tas-Tea?”, Well of course it is. It was Quali-Tea. 😎 For their Teas, I have tried their Earl Grey Milk Tea w/ 3Q and also their Milk Foam Wintermelon Tea. Two of my favorite teas to get, if I see that any place has them is Earl Grey and Wintermelon. The Earl Grey Milk Tea felt refreshing to drink, and with the 3Q. They basically put in work to enhance the texture of the flavor of the tea in itself. Which i’d say is a Tea-rrific drink. And as for the Milk Foam Wintermelon, the milk foam has to be one of the best i’ve tried in any boba place. So for sure try it out. And as for the wintermelon itself. It also had a refreshing taste, but mixed with the milk foam. You get a hit of creamy wintermelon tea, you never thought you needed until today. All in all, in terms of service, drinks, student love, and punny decor. I’d give it a 4.8/5. Clean space, made for struggling students trying to pass in life, has a modern vibe, very aesthetic, and let’s not forget its great for Chat-tea ppl. 😂 @teatoptx #boba #bobatea #bobatime #bobalove #bobalover #punny #tea #dessert #bobalife #foodporn #foodie #bobaaddict #bobaaddiction
Are you ready to find your MATCHA-made in heaven? Well look no further, cause Matcha Cafe Maiko is the right place for you. If you’re a Matcha lover like I am, the taste and the sweetness matters the most for a good matcha soft-serve. And boy do they make it good. Matcha Cafe Maiko is centered around everything dealing with matcha. But it doesn’t just serve matcha soft serve. They have many more options to choose from. Floats, teas, desserts and many more. Price-wise it’s as much as boba places which range around $5. However if you wanna experience more than just the soft serve and focus more on desserts it’ll probably be around $5-8 at most for a person. For the price and overall desserts they have to offer, not to mention the nice staff, i’d give it a 4.2/5. The place in itself, has a rustic feel to it, and is clean. The decor is cute and fun. For students, its a nice place to study at, but because its a small place. If it gets really busy, it might be hard to find a table for yourself. Also it’s a nice place to hang with your friends and family. Please try to get them addicted to matcha. Its best to keep them coming for more. Or they wont be a Matcha. All in all, if you are a Matcha Lover, or haven’t tried matcha in your life. What are you doing reading this? Go ahead and stop by at Matcha Cafe Maiko in Chinatown get addicted to Matcha. #matcha #softserveicecream #matchagreentea #matchaholic #matchalover #desserts #dessertporn #foodporn @matchacafemaikohtx
Jtea? You guys know how boba is known as a taiwanese dessert? How would you feel on a vietnamese take to it? Well I think you guys should give J-Tea a chance. Because it is worth coming. First off, the place in itself is clean and aesthetic. The one thing that differs from most places is the milk pudding that is in the drinks. This is like their signature topping which is very popular to what I have seen. The prices however is same as usual prices other boba places as around $4-5 a drink. The signature drink that everyone should try is their Green Milk Tea with Milk Pudding. The taste has a milky feel to it. Does not feel powdery as most places have it. Which I think is a 4/5. Has a nice taste to it, and the milk pudding is the one that leaves you coming back for more. Would be a 5, if there was more milk pudding. But for sure, its to not overpower and overfill the drink. Which is understandable. But did i also mention they have food. I actually have tried their Banh Trang Tron. It is a rice paper salad, that has a unique savory flavor that packs a punch. Its kind of like a sweet and spicy salad. At first you might look at it weird, but once you have your first bite. This will probably be the salad you will crave for all day. All in all, Jtea is a nice place to hang out with friends and family. Has many games to play with, and because the place is also bright and lively. It is nice for pictures, good for studying, and did I mention good food as well? 😁 Stop by at JTea if you want to try a different style of boba tea!!!! 😎 #boba #bobatea #bobatime #foodporn #bobaforlife #bobaforever #jtea #tea #dessert #bobalove #bobaaddict