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A rare, precious, unique and delicately addictive olfactory jewel from the very best of Haute Perfumery. Graceful, elegant and sensual, yet mysterious and unexpected. We met Rose Musk Pure Parfum by Elegantes London. The name sounds so simple, but it says it all. Exquisite, dew-kissed roses in full, breathtaking bloom. Enfolding with petal-fresh grace and unrestrained softness of Moroccan and Bulgarian rose, delicately blended with seductive lily of the valley and vanilla bean extracts splendidly balanced on a powdery clean base of soft clean skin-loving musk that caresses the senses. The beautifully rounded, yet complex symphony of scents is triumphantly enriched with spices alongside woody accords of amberwood, cinnamon and saffron creating an enigmatic aroma full of depth and elegance. A mesmerising and alluring treasure. The presentation is outstanding. A unique objet d'art flacon, in the feminine range of the Heritage collection represents swirling skirts of a haute couture ball gown, with a cap inspired by a brilliant-cut diamond with 85 facets, hand-finished, made by glass-and-crystal artisan Waltersperger in Normandy which has been operating for 103 years and still uses the same techniques passed down from generations before. Creating the World’s Rarest Perfume Collection Elegantes London redefined timeless elegance, uncommon excellence and opulence in the contemporary world. Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet Content editor: @billionaire.world_official Style & Photo: @billionaire.world_official
The tender desire, mesmerizing honeyed balmy breeze of a summer night and the aromatic fire of the dazzling starry sky embodies the magic of eternal love .... If you’ll be my star I’ll be your sky. We met Fallintostars by Stangelove NYC the most rewarding experience only delivered by the very best perfumes. Mesmerizing and absolutely addictive, we are well and truly under it's spell. As the Stars represent distant divine force or energy, this olfactory masterpiece from the very beginning more so on skin radiates amazing warmth and richness of the sustainable Indian Oud yet very fast the honeyed notes of Jonquil Nectar bring a delicate brightness and sparkle, following with the sensuality of Rosewood, the warmth of Amber and Pink Peppercorns, overall creating an everlasting mesmerizing and divinely addictive journey a step closer to heaven. Beside the elegant falcon with a beautifully designed 24k gold-plated cap, of which the pattern is made following the prodigious Fibonacci sequence (the golden ratio), Strangelove perfumes are available in gorgeous custom-designed 24 karat gold-plated potion pendants held on either a thin 24" chain or a thick 38" chain and contains 1.25ml of pure perfume oil. This extraordinary, artisanal, sustainably oriented perfume house was founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Gaynes. The creative director is legendary supermodel and environmental activist, Helena Christensen, and the master perfumer is Chistophe Laudamiel. Choosing highest quality sustainable ingredients defines Strangelove as truly authentic luxury. Content editor: @billionaire.world_official Review, Style & Photo: @billionaire.world_official