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All this alone time at home did have a few benefits, i started to recall and reminisce about special days gone by, about important moments, and also about the many meaningful things we have gathered along the way. 💜 One such thing is this Vintage Brooch i’m wearing, i happily stumbled upon it again whilst cleaning my safe, it brought a huge smile on my face just like it did many years ago when i first saw it on a shop window in this tiny Italian town named Lake Garda. It’s not expensive, a little gold and minor gemstones, but it is so beautiful, i suspect it’s from the 1920’s Art Deco period. I now wear it as a Pendant. ❤️ It’s true value to me is not it’s price but the fact that i was pregnant with Olivia when we purchased it, and we decided instead of buying lots of minor touristy things to invest instead solely on this heritage piece, something timeless and enduring, something we can pass on to Olivia when the time is right. 🧡 Family traditions seem to me more important now than ever, the passing on of any kind of intimate knowlege from Mother to Daughter, be it Family Secrets, Recipes, or even Treasured Objects is a right of passage that connects and bonds. I will give this to Olivia, and she in turn will give it to her Daughter or even her Grandaughter. This unspoken Bond which was formed without her even knowing it on that chilly spring day in Italy a long long time ago, can never be , and will never be broken.💛
An Easter Story. For the last couple of weeks my life has been put on hold, everything on my mind and in my heart suddenly changed. Norman tested positive for Covid and had to be rushed to Hospital. This world problem suddenly hit home hard and fast and i wasn’t prepared. A day after symptoms showed, he was alone in a hospital ward halfway across town struggling for space and breath with dozens of other patients, I too was alone at home with Olivia totally in the dark as to what was happening at the hospital. It felt like my world was ending and i didn’t know how or why, all i could recall were the statistics and death tolls i’ve heard this entire year, how sometimes unbelievable they were and now how real they have suddenly become. I didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t breath, pneumonia, anything and everything was a possibility with this unstudied desease. No cure , no sure treatment was the only sure thing. I was going out of my mind, trying to call anyone who could offer me hope, i was trying to be brave for Olivia who somehow must have felt that nothing was right. All i could do was wait. The aloneness of this disease will kill the spirit even before it damages the body, The hardest thing for a wife to do is to just sit and wait for a sick husband to come home, not being able to be there and comfort him was against every grain in my body. But it was something everyone of us in this situation has had to do. I spoke to God many times. I made promises to myself. I held my child often. I made sure that life from this day forward, no matter what happens will be filled with love and light, that all this sufferring would not be for nothing. But in the still of the night, i was just a girl crying alone in the middle of the night thinking things will never be the same again. Then He called.. He sounded tired and sad , almost defeated Except for a strange something in his voice, that same strange thing he does when he speaks to me and Olivia like little girls. Don’t worry baby, Everything’s gonna be alright. And it was. He came home. Nothing will ever be the same again. Family is EVERYTHING❤️ Thank you Everyone✨