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* 😷PPE but make it cute —> Swipe for the REAL med student on clinical rotation look* 👩🏽‍⚕️🩺After 8 weeks of surgery, I can officially say the OR is my 2nd home. From seeing a live beating heart in open heart surgery, screwing bone flaps back to the skull during neurosurgery, suturing a patients neck after carotid endarterectomy, pulling a foot long, 10 lb toxic mega colon from a patient in trauma surgery & praying it didn’t pop in my hands, seeing a 6 week old baby code on the OR & brought back by the amazing medical team in pediatric surgery, learning to intubate & to do nerve blocks with the anesthesiologists, attach wound vacs for patients with necrotizing fasciitis, and so many more insanely cool opportunities , these past 2 months have shown me a side of medicine I’ve always dreamt about. Surgery is like magic to me. The talent of the surgeons is absolutely mind boggling & has been SUCH a treat to see, experience, and help with. I have done quite a lot of soul searching on this rotation, as those who know me know how much surgery has always been my #1 interest. I surprisingly uncovered an interest in anesthesia along the path and am seeing where that leads me also. All I know is this. I love the OR and I am so grateful I got to find a place in the medical world I truly feel at home. Time to take this surgical shelf tomorrow !! 💉🩸🧠❤️ #medicine #womeninmedicine #surgery #surgeryrotation #medicalstudent #medical #blackwomeninmedicine #futuredoctor #anesthesia #anesthesiologist #scrubs #medstudentlife #colorado #coloradolife #denver #curly #curvygirl #covid_19 #covid