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Maybe you had big plans this year, maybe you hadnโ€™t planned yet but you certainly didnโ€™t plan for this. Maybe this year was going to be your year, after years of bad luck and struggles, this was meant to be the one. Maybe you had a big birthday planned with lots of friends and family, I know I had my daughters first birthday all planned out for June. Maybe you had a holiday you had saved for and waited for, after working for ages you had this to look forward to. Maybe you donโ€™t have any savings and had no idea that your financial situation was going to take a hit, a loss of job, unexpected bills or loss of earnings. Maybe you live alone, your vulnerable or high risk and the idea of not seeing anybody is petrifying, what if you donโ€™t see the person you love again, what if they were the only ones getting you through what was already a trying and testing time for you. Right now everything ahead of us is a path of maybes and what ifโ€™s and for most people this is the most scary thing. Your plans are simply delayed or changed, instead start planning a weekly target, maybe to finish that book you never had time for, FaceTime or call someone you havenโ€™t spoken to in a long time, watch a box set without worrying about wasting time. Get out some art stuff and have an outlet for your worries, take a long bath or a shower. If your lucky enough to have people at home, put away the phones and talk, hug, make future plans when all this is over with (which it will be). If your lucky enough to have a garden get outside and do some yoga or exercise and if you donโ€™t set yourself the challenge of finding ways to exercise indoors. Do some writing, cook, dance, the list really is a endless. Now is the time to reach out to people, to connect, to build your circle and team. Appreciate those around you, look after each other. Let this situation bring out the best in you, the kindness in you, be selfless not selfish. It really could be worse, some people have it worse, maybe it is feeling worser for you as each day goes on. Just know your not in this alone, itโ€™s okay to feel worried, uncertain and scared #itsokay #itsok #mind #support #covid2020 #corona #lockdown #stayhome