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Georges Rousse, Anamorphose . Georges Rousse’s pieces work in two different stages. The first one involves the creation of a site-specific intervention in a particular space, normally an abandoned building. The second one is the photograph of said space, taken from a very precise point of view, in which the three-dimensional intervention becomes an abstract two-dimensional composition that hides the complexity of its construction. He is a photographer, but also a painter and a sculptor. . Coming from a scientific background (he was studying medicine when he became interested in photography), it was the discovery of both land art and Malevich’s Suprematism that pushed him to realize his first works in the field. Their influence is apparent in the powerful simplicity of the part of the work that remains, the resulting image. While his interventions are often ephemeral, the photographs are not, and so the viewer only gets to see a defined optical illusion, and not the effort behind it. . From a fragment of the biography in his website: “His raw material is Space: the space of deserted buildings. Taking his inspiration from a site's architectonic quality and the light he finds there, he quickly chooses a « fragment » and creates a mise-en-scène, keeping in mind his ultimate goal, creating a photographic image. In these empty spaces, Georges Rousse constructs a kind of utopia that projects his vision of the world - his imaginary universe.” . More images and info in an old entry in . A Series of Rooms is a collection of domestic spaces - an exploration into the imaginary of the housing archetype - as portrayed in art, media and human studies. . Curated by @bonelldoriga . #aseriesofrooms #documentingspace #domesticity #georgesrousse #anamorphose #artinstallation #contemporaryart #architecture #interior