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Presenting you the trailer of much awaited film Chintu Ka Birthday Starring @pathakvinay @tillotamashome @seemabhargavapahwa @khalidmassou @nateascholz @reggieonthemove @_.bishaaaa @m_m_mehroos Premiering on 5th June everyone is invited to @zee5premium :) Written & Directed by @deva_stating @cinema_is_forever Produced by - @tanmaybhat @mojorojo @gursimrankhamba @ashish_shakya Executive Producers @inaveedm @dave.datta @caprichai Editor @roycharu Cinematographer @siddharthdiwan Sound Designer @bishwadeepchatterjee Music @_naren @benedmusic Costume Designer - @niharika_jolly Hair & Makeup design @snehajrathi Stills @ishikamohanmotwane Casting by @dmstarsindia @yashnagarkoti @iviveka Song (Tikuliya) Written and composed by @bhupeshvats Marketing and Distribution consultant @cinemakasam Trailer & Visual promotions Post studio @fwxmedia Line Producer @iammayank.c Production designer - @sukantpanigrahy Art directors - Nilesh Wagh & @pruhshaant Assistant Directors - @shootiyapaa @junhainath @vatsala_chopra @adityagosar @manish_chandwanii @nikhil_jose_zeff Production team @kritibhangadiya @mohammedjuzar @dr_paagal Edit team @ios_1090 @loveupadhyay @harsh_dang Costume team @ambikasparmar @sanjanashah09 Hair and Makeup team @shenoyafernandes @nalini_raizaday @heenasabhnani @sarah.concessao Animation - @abhinavshaw @mihirl Cinematography team - @tarunrakeshiya @sunnylahiri @riyasarunt @deependubhattacharji @yashmayekar30
There’s nothing we can say about Irrfan the actor that won’t be said more eloquently by those who understand the craft better than us. So we’d like to take a moment to remember Irrfan the person, as we knew him. When Maqbool himself agrees to a work meeting that you never dreamed would happen, intimidation is understandable. More so when you’re a group of twenty-somethings with none of the credibility or swag his usual collaborators have. But from minute one, Irrfan was courteous, receptive, warm, and involved. He took to our Party Song with a gusto that made us wonder if we’d even written something that deserved the sort of dignity he was giving it. But. That’s just the sort of guy Irrfan was. He walked off the set of Jurassic World, where they were probably serving him flavoured cappuccinos on velvet cushions, onto the shoestring budget Party Song shoot. It was the middle of May and the temperature and humidity were soaring. The air conditioner wasn’t working in the club we shot in. We had no special vanity van to give him when we shot the pool scenes. We tensed for a star tantrum. But Irrfan just grinned, stretched out on the floor in the corner of the room, and took a nap. That’s just the sort of guy Irrfan was. When ill health forced him to drop out of a project we were supposed to do together, we understood his situation immediately, and yet, he was the one who had tears in his eyes because he thought he was letting down some kids who were starting out. Because that’s just the sort of guy Irrfan was. He was being treated in London in July 2018, and we happened to be there. Not only did he insist on coming to the show, but also on taking us all to dinner after, where he regaled us with stories in his trademark drawl while also making sure everyone ate until they couldn’t move. Because that’s just the sort of guy Irrfan was. “Yaar cricket khelte hai!” he chirped, and even had a friend in London book us some nets. Sadly, on the day, his health took a turn for the worse and he had to drop out. He still called and said “I’m not cancelling the booking, tum log toh jaa kar khelo yaar!” Because that’s just the sort of guy Irrfan was.