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WOW WOW WOW 😭 I don’t even know what to say… I’m honestly still in shock. I don’t have the words… but I’ll try. @yosoylaindia is hands down my favorite singer of all time. I’ve been completely obsessed with her since I was 12 years old. I bought her cds, watched every banco popular concert (somos un solo pueblo) - for her! - I even named my first LLC “puraflama” from her singing “mamá borinquen”. I’ve stood for hours in Central Park & the south street seaport - just to get a good spot to see her in concert! I begged my parents to take me to “el con concierto de amor” at MSG… & SO MUCH MORE! I have adored this woman for years! Her incredible voice, her bomb songs & just how dope & down to earth she has always seemed. But then I get to meet her… and sing with her?! WHAT?! I am beyond overwhelmed with what a beautiful person she is, inside & out! This is a moment in my life… that I will NEVER FORGET… and In the moment I didn’t care about being cool or honestly even what I sounded like… I WAS LIVING MY DREAM! And cried like a baby with my sister @claudettebailon on the side of the stage after. Low key crying typing this lol. The point is… dreams do come true. Don’t stop dreaming. Thank you @bobbyallendeoficial for making it happen! Can’t say thank you enough. Besos Xx 1. Got to meet her before the concert - trying to be normal & cool. Not freak her out. Lol. 2. The moment. 😭😭😭 3. Me on July 3rd during our @lavoute shoot… manifesting my moment. Lol.