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listen to him, crackin up🙄🤣 I love you Daddy, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! 😭🥰🙏🏾❤️❤️ @mikejmcclain

  • imwith_showstoppers 33 days ago

    I no longer watch black lighting because ur not on

  • hoophardjayy 33 days ago

    why you not on black lightning anymore ???

  • roycegeoffreygaylor 33 days ago

    Ok im still here china just more work than usual

  • s.t.f.u.faygo 33 days ago

    China I’m not playing these games with you anymore because who tf is this lil black girl playing as you.How you let them replace you imma need you to be in season five because what tf do they think they’re doing replacing you…The show is not the same without you and imma need you to come back.

  • _th3r3alna3 32 days ago

    Y aren’t u on black lightning anymore

  • follower.of.christ.jesus.77 32 days ago

    i'm very glad you love your “daddy” @chinamcclain

  • tioncantbeplayed 32 days ago

    Can i join the movie black lighting

  • sharellmonique 32 days ago

    When is the next season on Black Lightning??

  • sunset_asethetics_ 32 days ago

    Um I’m watching black lightening and I’m at the part when I’m waiting for you to come out of that container thing and honestly wtf. 😂 i know they ain’t just replace you

  • mcchinax 32 days ago

    Yea she died

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