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Showing off the @novaMEN 🤣 FashionNovaPartner

  • ira_ivannicova 44 days ago

    @wickedshroom lmaooo this actually made me LOL 😂

  • mr.brewer.ce5 44 days ago

    @itsjimmysotelo the clothes look ugly as the shot my dog took this morning I wouldn’t take em if you Gave em to

  • jrodthegod_909 44 days ago

    It’s literally sweats 😂 who you flexing for ? Homeless people

  • chronicalsofsydney 44 days ago

    Lol can’t help but laugh, people been wearing white and black sweats for years wtf is different about this shit

  • j_honcho00 44 days ago

    Where’s the flex???

  • babyginger42 44 days ago

    I don’t see people wearing bags sweat cloths as a flex….. 😂

  • frost_xtar66 44 days ago

    None of that shit is fresh, pajama lookin ass fits

  • rogerwuzgood 44 days ago

    Down bad

  • prettychill_boi 44 days ago

    That shits weak

  • odb86 44 days ago

    Looks wank may aswell be wearing a slazenger tracksuit

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