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  • bryson_kahindo 7 days ago

    @eye.nikki.supreme bad things will happen no matter

  • laflakabonita 6 days ago

    @rorybelll she didn’t because you’re probably a fake one. The 1st Jews are people of color. Do your research. Why you even on her page with that ignorant comment.

  • shesgottahabit 5 days ago

    Hitler committing genocide was wrong because of God’s moral laws….God requesting genocide in the Bible is right because God is God….God doesn’t have to follow his own moral code and he can give humans permission to break it….

  • preyor_david 5 days ago


  • chxrmi3_ 5 days ago

    @paignton_hd Praise God ☺️

  • __serenity240__ 4 days ago


  • __serenity240__ 4 days ago

    @shesgottahabit Things in the Biblical days were different and even before the Bible things were different. God basically told Job I’m God and who are you ? it’s the relationship dynamics of parent & child, Potter & Clay. Idk why certain things happen/d the way they did but God will prob respond like he did with Job not bc He’s being mean but bc we lose focus on Who God is which is LOVE, Sovereign etc no matter what’s going on and we focus on our circumstances to the point that our emotions get us in trouble bc they’re fickle.

  • __serenity240__ 4 days ago

    @tonythastandard The laws of the land are inspired directly by The Bible/God. They are one in the same. Law brings order and God does everything decent and in order. Without Him the absence of these things occur. Everything that is wrong to do in The Bible, is wrong to do on the earth. Moral principals & conscience belong to God without people agreeing with the source. Of course, many of those things are now changing in recent times. Without God in the mix , meaning if he did not exist there is not one person who will have ‘good morale’ as we equate it to be. It’s impossible.

  • shesgottahabit 4 days ago

    @__serenity240__ things being different in biblical days is still in line with my point…if God did things differently in biblical days then he does now….the morality changes to fit the situation if God allowed genocide, the murder of babies, the capture of women as slaves and concubines, the stealing of items from a conquered people in biblical days….but doesn’t request those things now…God has changed his moral stance….however the Bible argues that God does not change….My point is…anything God does or tells you to do is moral because he is God…he can give you a list of commandments and then ask you to break one or all of them for his divine purpose….

  • blac.king249 4 days ago

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