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Climate Justice is a feminist issue. Women are disproportionately affected by climate change. Did you know that 80% of victims of climate disasters around the world are women? Around the world, the impacts of climate change affect all but women are particularly vulnerable to its effects. It wasn’t until recently that government agencies formally recognized the link between gender equality and climate change. Systems of oppression are apparent across all sects of injustice. Without gender and racial equality, we cannot successfully save our planet from destruction. Women must be at the forefront of the climate justice movement. Evidence shows that women’s empowerment and advancing gender equality can and will deliver results across a variety of sectors, including food and economic security and health. It can also lead to more environmentally friendly decision making at household and national levels. We must honor our shared mother, Mother Earth. When we accept that all things on this planet are intertwined, we can come together to build a more sustainable future for all. 🎨 Illustration by @snack_thoughts #IntersectionalEnvironmentalism #FeministForAll #EarthDayEveryDay

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