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  • drs299 29 days ago

    @krishnarose_ I appreciate your kindness Krishna.. and you seem to have a very light beautiful energy about you. And I see the points you are trying to make. I just think the acts against these victims, where so egregious.. and the behavior afterwards was a nose thumb from erika who even tweeted "sorry...not really" RIGHT after Lion air 610 widows and orphans came forward. People are astonished bewildered and angry at her cavalier flippant attitude from erika.. and never once acknowledging these people, but going the extra mile to thumb her nose at them. .. its one of the most evil things I've ever seen. How can you blame people for being upset? I SEE victims themselves commenting at how horrified they are at her behavior.

  • krishnarose_ 29 days ago

    @drs299 if Erika is in any way at fault she will be held accountable. I’m just not into belittling or criticizing. It makes me physically sick to see people attack someone they don’t even know. No one knows the full extent of this story. I just wish people weren’t so quick to rip into someone. It goes against everything I believe in, if you know what i mean. 🙏🏻💕

  • drs299 29 days ago

    @krishnarose_ like I said.. I appreciate your point of view. I think people feel as sick as you do for Erika, but for the victims and regarding what happened to these victims and what continues to happen. People think that when she tweets “I’m sorry......not really “.. that she’s telling..SHES NOT SORRY. And it’s social media. People can say things..she can always disable her comments.. but she stated she doesn’t disable her comments because she finds us all entertaining and gullible -laugh emoji.. (plus the interaction on her page benefits her).

  • sharon_moise_ 28 days ago

    Devoid of a moral compass #fraud

  • krishnarose_ 28 days ago

    @drs299 yeah I hear ya... the ego is trying to hang on to self respect ... but it’s not working. Just makes her look arrogant. That’s a mistake. But we all learn from our mistakes right? Hopefully anyway...

  • drs299 28 days ago

    @krishnarose_ well..let’s hope so. I certainly hope I do. Let’s say a prayer for the victims at some point today. Anyone reading this who has 30seconds. They can use it. There is power in numbers.

  • birdiegirl79 28 days ago

    @funkyhobo These Hollywood people are gross!! No morals!

  • birdiegirl79 28 days ago

    @lizzyanzalone Its so disgusting, this woman has no soul!

  • lizzyanzalone 28 days ago

    @birdiegirl79 i agree🙌

  • krishnarose_ 28 days ago

    @drs299 yes well said 🙏🏻

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