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*cries in single

  • dr.victoriaeyog.pharmd 28 days ago

    Till it turns into a rape

  • devonwashington_10 28 days ago

    How u gonna feel the loss of u actually asleep😂🤌🏽

  • paybae__ 28 days ago

    Unless you live alone...

  • maya240583 28 days ago

    when you're with the right person for a very long time, your body or consciousness knows and it knows how to respond to it.. My husband leaves early for work and he kisses me while saying goodbye.. asleep as I am, I immediately know how to respond with kisses as well and wishes him to have a good day and to be safe driving to and back from work..

  • gingerenae 28 days ago

    @kuhhreeenah girl, I felt that. 😒

  • pietro_galvez 28 days ago

    @adrianamarti99 me alegas rata pajera

  • shotc_ 28 days ago

    Me: *in a relationship* “only on my forehead. Don’t kiss my lips or cheek I hate when people do that when I’m not aware 😅”

  • miranda_ricketts 28 days ago

    😍 @bennylongley

  • jnnnuine 28 days ago

    @joedea 🥰

  • ecpoirier8 28 days ago

    @jlove805 1000xs better to be left alone lol

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