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Philippines-born dancer Arianne Meneses doesn’t need to look far for support—her main crew’s kind of built-in. “I’m the only child of a single mom, but my aunt has helped my entire life,” she says. “We’re like the three amigos.” With the family by her side, she started dancing at 14 and hasn’t stopped since, getting hired to dance professionally straight out of college (no big deal) (except it’s a huge deal). Here’s to Arianne + the women who keep her going. 🙏

  • audrabryant 101 days ago

    Incredible 👏❤️🤘 @arianne.meneses

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  • joshuaburrage 101 days ago

    Hi @arianne.meneses ❤️

  • jenearomy 101 days ago

    How about the uyghurs?!?

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  • _yannemendes 100 days ago

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  • tatianaichernysh 100 days ago

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  • jessicajaunich 100 days ago

    @arianne.meneses yes!!!😍

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