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  • grammydawna60 27 days ago

    That was insane !!!!

  • justus2_7.29.2016 27 days ago

    What show is this?

  • justus2_7.29.2016 27 days ago

    @gillian.norman what’s the name of this show?

  • nichdanh1977 27 days ago

    Watched it yesterday so creepy but so good to watch.

  • arcanemagicshoppe 27 days ago

    This was fantastic.

  • whiteside9933 27 days ago

    Wow scary as heck

  • prettybroeneyez 27 days ago

    Wow! This totally gave me chills for real

  • korn_grl 27 days ago

    I watched this the day it came out as I had been patiently waiting for it to come on since it was first announced! I love Cindy Kaza and Steve Snippy and thought they made a a great team on this investigation. The answers coming through the spirit box were so relevant it was spooky! I hope to see these two work together again in the future. Great documentary! Totally worth the wait!!!

  • kesneramy 27 days ago

    Yes. Super creepy show! Crazy responses from Ed and his mother. 😮

  • gillian.norman 26 days ago

    @justus2_7.29.2016 Discovery+ Ed Gein..

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