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Always amused when he strolls down the street with his hands in his pockets... #MrBen #LittleMan

  • reday22630 32 days ago

    So stink in’ cute.

  • jajasper68 32 days ago

    Andy- as a mom to two (now adult boys), you might encourage him to walk with them out of his pockets. In case he trips, I’ve seen it. Not good.

  • vanessa_anaya123 32 days ago

    Bring @phaedraparks back please!!!!

  • iameliseann 32 days ago

    So cute, he’s a little man

  • abbyfeilich 32 days ago

    Those sweet lips 👄 He’s precious!!! Love his name... I have a Benjamin too ♥️

  • capecodology 31 days ago

    Watch What Happens Live: I’m sure you are so big you don’t really care what your fans (I) think. The fact that you have booked people that have nothing to do with the shows that are before WWHL is evidence. Don’t you think we want to watch the stars (two or three) of them that are from the shows we just watched and not some random comedian, news person you care about or today show host? Why not have more than two since it’s remote anyway? Why is it your political agenda instead of about the shows and the reality stars we just enjoyed watching? Does your network and staff tell you the truth or are they afraid of your power? I am ready for your insults and bad press because I have heard that’s what happens when people speak out in Hollywood and NY. Remember, I’m a Bravo fan and will disconnect if I am disrespected and will tell others also if the truth is not apparent. I spend my off time enjoying BRAVO and encourage others so I would be sad if you don’t have the mentality and ego to listen to your viewers. Thanks for taking your time.

  • capecodology 31 days ago

    To add to the list the WWHL show on April 15 had Today show references to Halloween on the Today show HUH 🤔

  • lindadeanturner 31 days ago

    Cutest little heart shaped lips

  • chelly1955 31 days ago

    He’s so damn handsome!

  • kayceelashman 31 days ago

    OMG -- where is your defense of beauty boy ben, already? -- Anderson just spun bear tales, Ben is a microwave bear killer. Oh yeah and it sounded like he expected a replacement bear -- lol. Wow.

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