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One of the most hotly anticipated EVs, the Honda e is undeniably desirable, but can it justify its rather punchy starting price? Well @harrismonkey is behind the wheel to try and work out just that. #TopGear #Hondae #Honda #EV

  • daniel_vought 34 days ago

    @oliver_giles_2002 Ends up being more affordable to someone who is rich. Normal people with normal money cannot afford the cars so it doesn’t really matter

  • daniel_vought 34 days ago

    If you live where you park on the street, you cannot have an electric car. They still only cater to the rich

  • rahimsedghiarabshah 34 days ago


  • rayraylaflare 34 days ago

    Cris Harris the legend

  • pacoption 34 days ago

    I don't like scalextric cars

  • luiz_gbatalha 34 days ago

    i miss jeremy clarkson, he would be saying all kinds of bad things about this car

  • ___profile___photo 34 days ago

    Lovely car, amazing presenter 👏🏼👏🏼

  • alienvs.com007 34 days ago

    “And if you want to have a massive crash you can plug in a PlayStation” 😂😂

  • grandmabsterb 34 days ago

    Pretty?????? On what planet? Honda still making good,boring cars

  • rohan.dharwadker 34 days ago

    If only Jeremy could review this

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