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Pantone Connect, a simple and seamless digital color platform for designers that delivers all Pantone Colors and essential color features to your mobile, web and Adobe Creative Cloud design tools. Extract colors from images and make and share your palettes with Pantone Connect.🤯 Link in bio to download app for iOs and Android

  • hemphillifyaprofessional 39 days ago

    Help: one of my Russian american students is helping me decorate my property line and she said she the gate emerald but the rest "purple(s)" what would go well together year-round? 😂

  • egijazernova 39 days ago

    Perfect app, thank you 😍

  • blisswear.brands 39 days ago

    Бомбезно 🙌🏻 Оттенки умопомрачительные!)

  • lynettekruk 39 days ago

    So exciting!!

  • petal_project 39 days ago

    Gorgeous pallet of colours 🌸💗🥰💗🌸

  • a_ha1626 39 days ago

    OMG So beautiful combo😍💖💛💜🧡

  • lavieenpinkatelier 39 days ago

    how cool! is it free?

  • grafik_76 38 days ago

    Love this app!

  • thaiseyvonne 38 days ago


  • kattsushi 38 days ago


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