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a friendly reminder from @robexplosm

  • mortazaviarian 36 days ago

    I'm from iran where all of us hate our government so no one will wote but they will lie and say that every one voted

  • the_jersey_picture 36 days ago

    Why should I vote if my vote is not counted towards the actual deciding factor for that election

  • a.j.boykin 36 days ago

    I’ll vote when I get an option that isn’t fucking terrible. They were both fucking terrible so voting does shit. And fuck you for acting like I’m in the wrong because of it.

  • zombieboyx.x 36 days ago

    There wasn't a good guy option

  • ekyanso 36 days ago

    Honestly the only reason I'd vote is to see the opposite side seethe if they lose.

  • fraligozz 36 days ago

    Andreotti, an Italian politician, said that politicians like him don't care about the election results, they only care about how many people go vote. The day the percentage of people who go vote goes below 60 percent, they'll be really scared, cuz that'll mean everybody lost hope in politics and their title will be worth nothing.

  • david_dube3 36 days ago

    Like voting really counts......

  • 6nz6slayer6 36 days ago

    You have the right to butch whether you voted or not. No one signed up to this shot when we popped out of our mums vagina's. Don't always stand for the rules of others, especially if your not happy with the choices. Freedom!

  • 6nz6slayer6 36 days ago

    @chosn1yt what if you want a completely new government all together? Is your voice and Human Rights less valid?

  • r74g2p 35 days ago

    both are bad. everything is rigged. god has abandoned us.

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