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I’m not saying that my fellow athletes are not utilizing their resources or their platforms but what I am saying is we need less effort at the individual level and more at the connected level...There is power in numbers and unity in connection.... We have the influence...resources..and access to create the very things that society preoccupies us to focus on and spend on...Wealth is not obtained on money alone but with knowledge and ownership. I know that I’m building a platform that is worth looking at and can give us the keys to do exactly what we need to sustain our futures...The wealthy stay wealthy through connection.... Whole video on my next post

  • 6godislove 44 days ago


  • d1._.isaacx__ 44 days ago

    @corey333 but he is so stfu and take the advice.

  • georgflores 44 days ago

    Don't we all wish you was thinking like this 10 years

  • statechamp22 44 days ago

    Good shit brotha 👏

  • boomboxbilly12 44 days ago

    So sick of hearing you talk about how you have. Millions of dollars . We get i, you have done well for yourself. But your video views are dropping and so are the comments and likes so why don’t you try and do some interesting shit and get off the Internet you like 40

  • joekillroy 44 days ago


  • alsnorky 44 days ago


  • gorilla_cowboy 44 days ago

    Do you get a royalty check for throwing up the X and how marvel copied it?

  • bohbaby 44 days ago


  • get_emcoach 44 days ago

    X's Up!

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