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“For Real: The Story of Reality” begins tonight on E! For 7 weeks we go behind the scenes of every reality show under the sun, and I can’t wait for you to see what we found out! Set your DVR.

  • gigi.valenti 49 days ago


  • msjaneoly 49 days ago

    I used to love them.

  • khocolatebeauty 49 days ago

    Hey @bravoandy I absolutely LOVE @bravochatroom please make this show sticks around!

  • caligurl2022 49 days ago

    This whole season made no sense whats so ever why y’all edited it like this im so irritated watching this foolishness. Uggg ! apparently production don’t like Kenya because every episode she looks like a villain and it looks weirdo as we watch it back 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • beardeddogfather 48 days ago

    @bravoandy @bravotv when are we firing @thekenyamoore for racism!!!!! no double standards!! you fired cast members from vanderpump rules for racism acts that were from years ago. kenya did it this year. she needs to be accountable for her actions and fired

  • kclif1008 48 days ago

    Meanwhile patiently waiting till Andy discusses Jen Shahs arrest...🍿

  • ljeckhouse 46 days ago

    @bravoandy is one of them a. 🤖

  • skyoumg 46 days ago

    Andy, Jackie doesn't fit in NJ she just seems awkward and uncomfortable.

  • jansnotsosuccylife 46 days ago

    Love the new show, after watching the first episode, Kris said she wanted to be a guest on housewives, made me think she isn’t really a housewife, nor are a lot them for that matter. Why not rename the franchise Real Women of Beverly Hills, etc? Housewives is so not cool. Just sayin...😘

  • thenitarita 44 days ago

    Highlights of @therealworldmtv and not acknowledging @challengemtv is a disappointment sadly makes it feel like you’re playing favorites.

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