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I'll do anything to lose weight... Except.. I'm doing a series on things people think are "too much" even though they claim to be extremely committed to losing weight. Today's topic is...' Change the small things. While it may be easier to make a change by fixing some of the big issues in your diet often eventually you will have to address the smaller everyday habits throughout the day. These small changes may not add up to much on their own but together there can be significant benefits. If throughout the day you are; ​Having a number of teas or coffees with added sugar or cream, ​Cooking using oils, ​Adding butter or sauces to food All these things add up over the course of the week so making changes here would lead to a drop in calories and add that to any other efforts you are making to lose weight should see weight loss happen. There will be many options for you to make changes to your nutrition, thee changes may be big or small, easy or difficult and be more or less sustainable. When looking for what changes to make consider these factors and start off with the "Big Rocks" to get the most benefit from the least changes.

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