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The Lady & the Shoe.

  • meladymarissa 63 days ago

    Please get Kelly Dodd off the show. I refuse to watch until she’s gone

  • mnobbie 63 days ago

    Her poor feet. Squeezed into those things. I will never understand the whole pain is beauty thing. But, yeah, cute shoes.

  • terry.vicki 63 days ago

    rather fancy that

  • valmermaid 62 days ago

    Ooh la la!

  • lulupeeks 62 days ago

    Cute, where do we get them?

  • james_maxson 62 days ago

    Can you just say fuck it and bring Vicki back?

  • michelletiedye 62 days ago

    I'm jealous you are friend with sjp

  • sworld_gal617 61 days ago

    Andy the micro aggressions and flat out racism on RHOD are beyond troubling. Those white women are beyond ignorant. The anti Asian sentiment when Asian women were just gunned down, is NOT OKAY. Shame on you and Bravo for promoting this.

  • drediggity81 61 days ago

    @bravoandy Watching season 3 of RHONY on the episode of Ramona on the runway!!!! 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 absolutely CLASSIC!!!!

  • reesewaze 61 days ago

    Not enjoying Dallas this season. So sad, because I love the show. NJ is amazing. I look forward to it weekly.

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