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turning my food scraps into a gourmet din👩🏻‍🍳 lol just kidding it’s not really that gourmet roasted carrots, riced broccoli stem, lentil rice + my 2 leftover mushrooms all turned into this pretty fine meal😌 yay for no food waste!! deets~ roasted carrots at 425°🥕, riced broccoli stem🥦 (see below*), 1/4 cup lentil rice🍚, 2 mushrooms (sliced), 1 clove garlic🧄, olive oil, italian seasoning, salt🧂 to serve: maple tahini drizzle, sundried tomatoes, hemp hearts, red chilli flakes RiCED BROCCOLi STEM chop the broccoli stem into even sized pieces. pulse a few times in vitamix or food processor. lightly sauté with oil and seasonings of choice until softened.

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