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G E T T I N G R E A D Y 🌟 . Shout out to all bridal retailers right now getting ear burn and RSI from all of the calls and messages and DM’s from our customers eager to get in and say yes to their dress or collect their most prized possession ready for their big day💗 . Excited to see our industry moving. Emotional knowing weddings are coming back. Relieved that we’re all moving forward and our sector can traction 💪 . Let’s do this people!!!!! 🌟 💪 👌 💗 . What’s top of your ‘to do’ list today? ... if you’re anything like us @abigailscollection and @thegroomsroomessex you’ll be knee deep in enquiries and organising 💕 . #bridalindustry #bridal #bridalcoach #weddingindustry #wedding #ourworld #business #coach

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