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Would you like this set up? I think it’s a great use of space. And tell me, are you a fan of doing one load a day or doing all of your laundry on one day? I’m the one day marathon laundry type of person, mostly. (However the putting it away can take me forever!) 📸 @hayat_decor

  • cherylburgmaier 43 days ago

    Oh my god this is amazing! Dream laundry room for sure. I am a marathon laundry kind of girl...but it takes me forever to put it all away....usually end up with a box of “lonely socks”

  • thepeacefulhomestead 43 days ago

    Each person has an assigned laundry day! (I recognize this floor! 😉)

  • gracefulnest 43 days ago

    I love this idea. My rack sits in my shower most days with non dryables. I do one sometimes two a day.

  • smagdall 43 days ago

    A load a day- and it’s not done until it’s put away!

  • mbhands04 43 days ago


  • life_decluttered_organizing 43 days ago

    As much as I can get done in a day. But it’s everyday 😂

  • jbcflower70 43 days ago

    All in one day-i finish putting it away the next day!

  • mrsharrispa 43 days ago

    I spread it out depending on my work schedule

  • simplisort 43 days ago

    Pretty room, I do laundry a few times a week. Thankfully my kids all do their own laundry now!

  • fitfedboutique 43 days ago

    Um yes please!

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