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  • scarymercury 52 days ago

    Sometimes it's also not that deep. I say I hate my hair all the time when it's stressing me but obviously I don't really mean it. Sometimes people are just venting and I don't think there's anything wrong with that

  • valblessing__ 52 days ago

    I just cut mine every two years when it gets to an annoying length, go back to the twa

  • misses_banks 52 days ago

    4C is one of the easier textures to care for, infrequent washes, always up in braids, easy to manipulate, my edges don't agree every time but that's alright. Your hair wouldn't be as dry or unmanageable if you cleanse it MOSTLY with conditioner.

  • evaccorvera 52 days ago

    It seems like a lot of work but honestly it's so damn beautiful

  • evaccorvera 52 days ago

    @thegnarcosis same

  • jra_angel 52 days ago

    this is just so anti-black at this point. stop blaming the race and the texture and start blaming yourself for not being able to do hair. my hair is 4c and is softer than my sister's which is 4b. im not taking responsibility for your shortcomings due to the hair that grows out of my head. insult God's creation ONE more time.

  • x_s.w.e.e.t.s_x 52 days ago

    Nun is wrong wid 4c hair y’all too judgemental thas d problem

  • mickey_greyer 52 days ago

    @a.hassan678 a lot of us love our 4c. What's to feel bad about?

  • funsized.caillou 52 days ago

    @thenerdysimp they implied it lol

  • funsized.caillou 52 days ago

    @thenerdysimp they said β€œI just couldn’t handle it”

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