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i love pb + jelly, but i *might* love cream cheese + jam better🤫🍓...also why doesn’t anyone cut their toast like this?!🍞 used @carbonautbaking bread this time and i’m legitimately so impressed by how soft the bread is🥺 bakery quality for sure🥰🙌🏻 #ad #sponsored happy toast tuesday!! deets~ • @carbonautbaking seeded bread • vegan cream cheese • strawberry chia jam: handful frozen strawberries (defrosted + heated slightly in microwave), 1-2 tbsp chia seeds, splash of maple syrup, splash of lemon juice / vinegar

  • wellbeingwithamy 51 days ago

    Ah this combo looks incredible 🙌

  • rom_lfd 51 days ago

    The chia strawberry jam looks amazing! 🔥😍🍓

  • gabzgoodeats 51 days ago

    I feel like at this point you could make any food I don’t like taste good 😍

  • thehealthybusybee 51 days ago

    this is a stellar combo😍

  • maggiebakesgrace 51 days ago

    Okay this is iconic

  • nourishedwithnatalie 51 days ago

    hahahaha I stared at this for 3 min until I could figure out how it was cut 😂 also cream cheese + jam is a winning combo

  • thehangrykitchenn 51 days ago

    looks soooo good 😍

  • danishealthyeats 51 days ago

    Why have I never tried this omg it sounds life changing!! 😍

  • kitchentwins 51 days ago

    load up the jammm😍😍😍

  • wellnessbykiley 51 days ago

    Love 😍

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