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I have “accomplished” nothing on my lock down to do list. Nada. Not one single thing, don’t even think about looking in my garage or closet. I have spent some time examining my programming around progress, productivity and accomplishing. I’ll have to get back to you on that front... I’m still processing. Meantime, I have read some incredible books. Many of them recommended by my sister wife @christinelennonplus2, who somehow intuits just what the literary doctor orders.... this one made me ugly cry, in a good way. And it felt like a much yearned for trip to Italy. What are you reading? I just started one my mom sent, #Hamnet and it’s great. What should I send Christine who sent me Beautiful Ruins and Writers and Lovers recently, or my Mom who sends the whole family stacks and stacks every Christmas?

  • pat0402hurley 90 days ago

    Beautiful Ruins was good, reading One Day in December, very good.

  • lbkinnyc 90 days ago


  • jeisonbravo20 88 days ago

    Beauty 🥺😍 👏❤️

  • 28_isaa 86 days ago

    Is it okay if I call you Donna? I go around saying I can do it because “I’m Isa” I would love to meet you one day, @iamsarahgrafferty

  • romeyraww 85 days ago

    Yo, just wanna say that your acting skills are the motherfucking bomb because Donna is a fuckwit and I hate her! Lol. Great work on your character yo! You're the bomb! Lol.

  • sara_jcbs 83 days ago

    Books of Paolo Cognetti?

  • costasfamilycostassibling 79 days ago

    Victoria Hislop - The Island

  • iambrianborjas 79 days ago

    Hermosa ❤️❤️🔥 Estoy viendo Suits y no paro de ver Jajaja Amooooo saludos desde Venezuela 🇻🇪Hernosaaaaaaaaaa

  • elza_d_12 79 days ago

    You have accomplished one thing...staying beautiful ❤️

  • mahdikhajevand23 79 days ago

    ایولا کتاب خون

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