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It’s here! The second of our targetted blog articles written by the wonderful Siobhan Middleton, founder of @beattitudefit, entitled “How can Menopause affect your exercise routine?” “For many women going through the menopause, an exercise programme that focuses on maintaining muscle and bone strength while avoiding fat distribution around the tummy area is ideal. Generally speaking, as we age, we lose muscle mass. On average, skeletal muscle strength is at its peak between the age of 20 and 30, and deteriorates by 5% per decade thereafter. Regardless of what we weigh, the more muscle mass and the less body fat we have, the higher our metabolic rate will be (the rate at which our body converts calories into energy). Muscle cells require more energy to function than fat cells, so people with more muscle tend to have a faster metabolism. Therefore, as we move into midlife and beyond, it’s important to maintain muscle mass in order to increase our metabolic rate, and help decrease fat storage.  When thinking about the most efficient and effective way to train throughout midlife, the menopause and into later life, there are a few key points to hold in mind:   💪Aim to maintain muscle mass. 💪Aim to maintain metabolic rate. 💪Aim to maintain your weight. 💪Train your pelvic floor. 💪Improve your connective tissue. 💪Simply move more.” To read the full blog or sign up to join Siobhan for her FREE live zoom workout, focused on strength and the pelvic floor during midlife and menopause, follow the link in bio ➡️ #fitness #menopause #beattitude

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