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  • kimberleyklug 66 days ago

    Diesel is better than Electric. My German Step Dad and me laughed when we saw on the news here that the Americans tested Volkswagen for emission and they built something to trick the people. My Step Dad said they don’t need to test Volkswagen and why are the Americans testing Volkswagen anyway? They need to test their own cars first πŸ˜‚ @volkswagen

  • iamnpp797 66 days ago


  • bosswheels_ 66 days ago


  • bosswheels_ 66 days ago


  • marianptu 66 days ago


  • _the_cutinho_ 66 days ago


  • koops_makelaardij 66 days ago


  • behruz__177 66 days ago


  • rektarinoed 66 days ago

    @mitch_boutin the things I’d do for us to get these in Canada with an R engine

  • semtplaka_app_plaka_pleksi 65 days ago


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