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Wow. Congratulations @douglas_stuart and @groveatlantic on your @thebookerprizes 2020 win. I savored every single word of your heart- wrenching novel and couldn't rid young Shuggie from my thoughts. For all my fellow readers who have not yet been introduced to @douglas_stuart debut novel, do yourself a favor and call your local independent bookseller or put on hold at your local library. You will soon discover why Shuggie Bain has been so embraced. X, SJ Ps and to all the 2020 nominees, congratulations on your great achievement.

  • ezha310802 68 days ago

    Hi.!!, Mrs Carrie Preston 👋

  • vicmells 68 days ago

    ❤️ @panmacmillan

  • joannamsn.19 67 days ago

    @sarahjessicaparker I love your book recommendations, so thank you! My favorite so far this year was The Vanishing Half. I’m reading Caste now by @isabelwilkerson , which is amazing!!

  • lesleyannmitchell 67 days ago


  • christine_garren_portfolio 67 days ago

    Congratulations to him. That’s so wonderful.❤️

  • elle_anna5994 67 days ago

    Bullying is such a meanest thing. I just throw away all your shoes... I had tough time becuz of bullying when I was highscool. so disappointed...

  • cherylmoore5162 67 days ago

    Thank you for this tip 💛🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • morann__m 67 days ago

    hey Sarah Jessica❣️ just wondering ... do u still use blackberry? xo,M.Moran

  • misspotter102 67 days ago

    You should visit Glasgow (when you’re allowed!) you’d love it!

  • treadgingerly 67 days ago

    Loved it so much. Congratulations to Douglas Stuart. On a side note, Biddy's Pub, Co. Donegal, is for sale and needs TLC. You and Matthew could bring back it's magic. Sláinte. ❤️🍀🍺

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