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  • thedoll_emmielou 60 days ago

    @emilz94 and you been paying attention to Qanon for too long.

  • isiborj_ 60 days ago

    @mckechan99 LMAO not that talented? He has Academy awards, Emmy awards, Tony Awards and the list goes on "not that talented" get outta here

  • kristinmarieee23 60 days ago

    Beautiful collaboration. Beautiful vocals. Beautiful song. On repeat. 🎄♥️😘

  • skacz61 59 days ago

    @collegegirl35 She sure did make a poor decision by even associating with John Legend. However, I never said I hate him or that I have any say in her decisions as I don’t on both counts. But that doesn’t mean I have to like the fact that she chose to work with him. Not a good move. I won’t hold it against her though! John can drop out of the spotlight along with his wife and and never be heard from again and that would be just fine by me. So wonderful we are able to have our own individual opinions! If we all thought the same what a boring world it would be! BTW you sound irrationally angry.

  • collegegirl35 59 days ago

    @skacz61 You can use that rationale all you want but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. It’s a poor decision according to you,not to her. If you want to believe the rumors about John that are out there,then have at it. But don’t bring Carrie into the middle of an argument she didn’t start or have anything to do with..

  • ms.laurenp 59 days ago

    Will not be watching or buying this song for the same reasons others aren’t, but love the other songs on the album

  • its_aunt_ma 59 days ago

    @emilz94, don’t you worry about what I know and don’t know. I ain’t into all that and I’m not a sheep. You do you and don’t worry about me and what I need to know or want to know.🤨✌🏾

  • emilz94 59 days ago

    @its_aunt_ma 😂😂😂 you are definitely a 🐑 and it shows boo

  • its_aunt_ma 59 days ago

    @emilz94 , girl screw you!😡

  • meghanpoints 59 days ago

    @brigitte_1577 they both have voices like angels and sing amazing together. Who gives a crap about their political views.

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