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The JRE is exactly 2 weeks from being exclusive on @spotifypodcasts @spotify. It will be 100% free when it’s there, and it will be available in audio and video. I’m doing my best to make it a smooth transition and keep the show exactly the same, just on a different platform. Spotify has been amazing at helping make that a reality as well, and I really appreciate that. We’re working on implementing a comments section and some other things that people are currently enjoying. Other than that, I’ve got some wild ideas for future shows and I have no intention of ever costing. Thanks!

  • alexkingofficial96 54 days ago

    Please do another Elon Musk interview bro 👌🏻

  • markindo_ic_ 53 days ago

    We’re already being integrated like he said and Moore’s law I believe so it 100% could be a reality

  • _nesha7 52 days ago

    Where are all of your podcasts? There’s only one episode on Apple podcast! @joerogan

  • pastlives2020 52 days ago

    Two sexy ass men ❤️ intelligence is so 🔥🔥💯

  • aut8081 52 days ago

    Haha. Love a good laugh in the early am

  • furrnfins 52 days ago

    Yup. I dont use spotify the same way i use youtube joe. Wont be tuning in anymore!

  • furrnfins 52 days ago

    If joe dont make his shit available on youtube i dont think he understands his user base.

  • catfriday13 51 days ago

    The look on Elon's face, talking about AI🤯 Joe thank YOU 🥊💓

  • oxyvolution 51 days ago

    Love it

  • ognathanpaul 45 days ago

    @valentinaskywalker this is Joe Rogan. He’s a Gangster 👌

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