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how does everyone feel about the new instagram update?

  • riley_at 11 days ago

    Who the fuck is shopping on instagram

  • mightbplusultra 12 days ago

    Honestly spongebob got some caaasssshhhh 😂😂😂

  • _jordandunn_ 12 days ago

    It’s shit

  • deanna.prough 12 days ago

    i hate it i wanna de who likes my pictures.. not go shopping

  • yaf.777 12 days ago

    Why don’t we all go write some negative reviews on the App Store like what happened with snap, and they eventually kinda fixed it

  • starbella005 10 days ago

    I didnt read the caption and just thought everyone in the comments was bullying spongebob

  • soapyspongememes 12 days ago

    It’s horrible

  • ole_pts 12 days ago

    hate it

  • jtirello3 11 days ago

    Still not as bad as when they changed the icon.

  • jakob.the.farmer 12 days ago

    h8 it

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