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I recently watched Over The Moon on Netflix and was so inspired by its message of dreaming big and following your dream no matter your circumstances. Now, I am aware that there are more pressing issues, survival must come first, especially in these trying times, but I pray that we will not lose hope. πŸ™πŸ» Last week, we were able to deliver laptops to the kids of SOS through the help of Netflix. We hope that through this donation, more kids will be able to pursue their dreams through education, just like Fei Fei does in @overthemoonmovie . Link in bio πŸ‘†πŸ» @netflixph @iamhope_org @sosphilippines

  • jhem0906 64 days ago


  • ricaquinto85 64 days ago

    Hi ate @beaalonzo

  • darna_1225 64 days ago

    Idol you so kind so proud of you

  • sonia_bella100 64 days ago

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  • sheninay 64 days ago

    @sheinmlnao rabbit nga ata hahahahaha

  • itsmeshanequinito 64 days ago

    Hi Ms @beaalonzo may daughter really loves the movie over the moon 😊 you are truly an angel sent for everyone. Continue to share your blessings 😍❀️

  • merc5284 64 days ago

    I’m still surprised on how I made so many profits after seeing people complain of being scammed,this is amazing thanks to @earn_with_rosemaria_fx

  • medilengerman37 64 days ago

    God bless you Bea

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