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Why, you might ask, is ‘Humans’ the top-selling book on Amazon right now? Is it the hundreds of stories from around the world? The 450 pages of full-color photos on beautiful glossy paper? The luxurious black matte cover? The revelations? The laughs? The tears? Absolutely not. It’s the 50% markdown, coupled with an extra $3.50 coupon, which brings the book to 60% off AFTER tax and shipping. This is 10% below wholesale cost, so Amazon is definitely taking a loss. Surely there’s a good reason, but who cares. If you want to shove a few copies under the bed for future holiday gifts, there won’t be a cheaper price this year. TEN HOURS REMAINING. Link in bio.

  • rtfabs 70 days ago

    @janevie actually it's a favourite spot for both me and my bf but it's more a small scale B&N than an independent. The industry is so underdeveloped here, real indie bookstores are tiny holes in the wall in the city centre that survive on love and sell mostly used low cost copies of classics. It's sad really :(

  • misshelen22 70 days ago

    What they said above- why are you supporting and promoting Amazon especially bc for them “at a loss” is meaningless and many of us paid full price to support indie shops when it first came out, so actually we are the ones who acted at a loss, why?!

  • misshelen22 70 days ago

    I’ve always been a fan but this is garbage and you posted that prayers helped us avoid late term abortion story a little while back and maybe it’s time to recheck in w yourself, worldviews, intention

  • sarah.forro 70 days ago

    Hey @humansofny :) is there a way to buy the book from you directly or via independent book sellers in Europe? Cutting into Amazon's margins is no bad thing 😅 But would love to buy it directly if possible!

  • katalina_elmq 70 days ago

    It is on sale at Target right now (also buy 2 get one free) if you prefer them over Amazon.

  • vaghmeh 70 days ago


  • impromptu2x05 70 days ago


  • melinlind 70 days ago

    @impromptu2x05 I forgot there was a Book!

  • barbra07 70 days ago

    Bought for Christmas presents last month, from my local book store🥰🥰

  • lynnie_pics 70 days ago

    congrats !

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