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(7/8) “There were maybe six tables in the entire diner. Nancy and I sit down at one of them. We start looking at the menu. I’m thinking about the blueberry pancakes. Maybe the hash browns. When I look over at the two-top next to us, and right there. Right fucking there. It’s Vicky. A few extra gray hairs but clear as day. And I fucking flip out. The hair stands up on the back of my neck. My knees are shaking under the table. I get up and rush toward the exit. Now I’m out in the dirt parking lot, pacing around, waving my arms at Nancy, trying to get her to come outside. But she’s not moving. Because she’s pregnant with twins, and she’s starving. And she thinks I left the table because I shit my pants. I’ve never shit my pants in my entire life. But she thinks I shit my pants. After three minutes of waving like a lunatic she finally comes outside to see what’s going on, and I tell her: ‘That’s Vicky. That’s fucking Vicky.’ And now Nancy is freaking out. She tells me: ‘Start the car. Let’s get the fuck out of here.’ But I told her, ‘Nancy—I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to confront her. I’ve been waiting my entire life for this.’ By this time I’m thinking that I might actually shit my pants. I’m pacing around in small circles. Eventually I decide to wait right outside the exit of the diner, so Vicky has no chance of getting by me. I pull up the hoodie up on my sweatshirt. I’m watching through the window as she finishes her meal. My heart is about to beat out of my fucking chest. Now she’s paying the bill. She’s standing up and gathering her stuff. She walks toward the exit and opens up the door. And there she is. Right in front of my face. I said: ‘Vicky?’ She looks at me and says: ‘Oh, Hi Brett.’ In the calmest possible voice. Like none of the last fifteen years had fucking happened. ‘I knew I’d be seeing you,’ she said. ‘Because Blanche told me in a dream. Would you like to follow me home and meet your daughter?”

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