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Watch the newest episode of our #YouTube series #PassItOn featuring @GoldenBarbie as she designs a very special #TommyHilfiger T-shirt (you can bid on @catawiki for a chance to win it!). We find out some interesting things about her as we watch her bring her design to life. Tap the link in bio for the full episode.

  • finn.srgl 39 days ago

    How are you all?

  • chanrandhawaofficial 39 days ago

    Looking forward to watch ✌️

  • thatow_frexh 39 days ago

    any storess in SA??👀🔥

  • nausikaae 38 days ago

    Здравствуйте. Учитывая то, что на сайте поддержки нет, написала Вам в Директ (пишу на русском, так как видела, что вы в комментах отвечали и на русском в том числе)

  • _rupak_0.0 39 days ago

    I'm always use to "tommy" pents... N i feel very comfortable n great.. Tommy is my first choice always😍

  • ditch.1 39 days ago

    😎Channel episodes gonewild 😎

  • goldenbarbie 38 days ago

    love it!! Can’t wait to see who gets it! 🙌🏾❤️

  • mrtdy.mdhy 39 days ago


  • mujeeb__cr7 39 days ago


  • mia_cortsen 39 days ago


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