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  • pamditvk 30 days ago

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  • sapnadipk 30 days ago


  • ansar_mohi 30 days ago

    Khai nahi samandar hai wo, rhyme karne Kuch bhi

  • sam_syeds786 30 days ago

    Rock Bradshaw bhai

  • sarv_shakti_ 30 days ago

    The 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape case shook the nation’s grounds with the tragedy. However, rape in India has been at a constant rise despite several protests held by women across the country. In India, rape is the most common crime against women, according to reports. A report issued by India Today stated that India’s rape cases doubled in the last 17 years despite increasing awareness regarding crimes against women. Does a woman’s right to walking safely in her own country come at this price that too while living in 2020? What we do?? Ans - we work as a individual to provide safe enviornment for women. So join an initiative to #womenssafety #womensafetyawareness

  • _mhfz92 30 days ago


  • mr.___stark 29 days ago

    Milke machadi aapne tabhaee🔥🔥

  • kmahi_official 29 days ago


  • kaalakartooth 24 days ago

    Khai nai hai darya hai 😂😂😂 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • parv444 22 days ago

    भैंस तोड़ेगी पुल

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