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Brain matter contains too much data. Rondo knew what was gonna happen this season. (via @NBATV)

  • no.chill.gil 17 days ago


  • brandon.t26 17 days ago

    Whenever rondo hangs them up, he’s gonna be a great coach

  • spencerklang 17 days ago

    Absolutely agree, bron and rondo on the court together was special

  • playboydior_ 17 days ago

    nigga got da sharpest shoulders ever

  • josh_allenjr13 17 days ago

    I mean him and Lebron have some of the highest basketball IQ’s all time

  • kyriehiccs 17 days ago

    Chris Paul punching the air rn

  • nastynate17__ 17 days ago

    Rondo sucks in the regular season but when the playoffs come you can always depend on him

  • housesunder20k 17 days ago

    Rajon rondo deserves the $6500 house i posted

  • hamza_hussein3 17 days ago

    That boy got some shoulders shoulders 😭😭😭 I need to hit the gym now 😈

  • _furiousstylez 17 days ago

    When you mention Magic and LeBron you also better mention rondo as one of the smartest players to ever play the game πŸ’―

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