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This guy is SERIOUS. Fellow nerds! It’s National Voter Registration Day! If you aren’t registered already, this is your chance to join the legions of folks like us casting their ballots this year! Register Now at #NerdsVote #NatlVoterRegDay

  • 04________89 37 days ago


  • melis.cerutti 37 days ago

    @aleyna.01133 @alisa.irg ezra fizz von Pll

  • _cyberc4ndy_ 36 days ago

    @isayyay na, he lost

  • _cyberc4ndy_ 36 days ago

    @realsarahcourtney lmao he lost

  • realsarahcourtney 36 days ago

    @_cyberc4ndy_ lmao nobody has won yet. Turn off the msm and do some research there are 19+ states that have joined Texas in a lawsuit stating this election was unconstitutional. There are massive issues with voter fraud that are going through the state level courts. The end goal is to present evidence in front of the SCOTUS. If Joe Biden wins fair and square then it is what it is. But he hasn’t. The irregularities are undeniable. Do your own research and think for yourself.

  • _cyberc4ndy_ 36 days ago

    @realsarahcourtney awwww first stage of grief:// denial :(

  • realsarahcourtney 36 days ago

    @_cyberc4ndy_ I’m not in denial. If you can read I said if Joe Biden wins FAIR AND SQUARE, then it is what it is. If you’re American you should want a free and fair election. I would be questioning the election of role we’re reversed and Trump was the underdog, losing on election night only to come out with more votes than Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton combined With piles of evidence looking like the other guy was the clear winner. Again since you can’t read. If Biden wins fair and square then it is what it is...

  • ca_menoni 32 days ago

    Eterno professor fit 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • ckrasssmeeen 32 days ago

    @zeezee_talks te gustará mucho pero no lo sigues en insta ...

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