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Have you had your first kiss yet? 💜💫 - - - SOTD: Tiffany Young - Lips on lips * * * “A person who trusts no one now, once trusted someone too much” • • • Cr: To the rightful owner of the picture/video #Jungkook #JeonJungkook #Jungkookie #Kookie #BTS #Bangtansonyeondan #정국 #전정국 #정국이 #국이 #방탄소년단 #goldenmaknae #bunny #BTSARMY #BangtanARMY #BangtanBoys #방탄 #방탄아미 #꾹이 #JK #JJK #Jeongguk #Maknae #GoldenMaknae #황금막내 #노츄 #Nochu #JKOurEuphoria #BusanPrideJK

  • btsarmy_0fficial7 26 days ago


  • hid.aya.77986 26 days ago


  • jeon_nidhi 26 days ago

    No, I'm keeping my first kiss for BTS 😁

  • nightmaremoon88 26 days ago


  • __ruatty__ 26 days ago

    Yeah it was taken by mu cousin sister by accident 😔😔

  • hotiegguks 26 days ago

    Yes ❤️🥺

  • victoriasmith0099 26 days ago

    Been married for 18 years!😂💜

  • 26 days ago


  • nirodaardenis2002 19 days ago

    ✋✋Hi ✋✋ 👉#1B_stream (one billion streams) 👈 for 💟 OCTOBER COMEBACK 💟 🔔🔔 ( The point is, if each Army ❤ streams ❤ at least ✌5 times a day✌... 💙💙it won't take more than 👉 1 hour 👈... 😇😇 If an Army streams 🎈 every day,🎈... 👉 it will be👌 150 per month 👌... 💭💭💭and let's assume that those 📣📣6 million people 📣📣 who watch BTS members live .👉 stream every day can get 🎆🎆 900 million streams a month 🎆🎆 🌟 🌟 WOoOoOoOW❕❗❕❗❕ 😎 And it's typical that one Army doesn't stream 5 times a day 😎 😎 and we Armys are much more than 5 million people 😎 📢 so we can increase it to 🎉 1 billion Stream 🎉 just in 1 month 📢 This hashtag is being launched on wevers (it's becoming more widespread). 🙇🙏 Please help us this on👉 Instagram and 👉Twitter and pass them on 👉 to other Army so that we can 👊 Revenge of YouTube 👊 and make BTS happy👍💖👍 👉Guys, I think that's can going to happen because we're Army.✌✌ 🎤🎤😭😭 They perform, 👉 and they ❗no longer see the light stages that 🎆 look like galaxies🎆 together❗ 💖 wich take everyone's heart,💖 👉 and there are 😭😭only empty chairs in front of them, 😭😭 👉and absolute blackness 👉 and everywhere there is noise and blindness, and there is ❗no news of the sounds of army, happiness,❗ and so on.🎤🎤😭😭 🙏🙏 So it's not a big deal to spend👉 1 hour 👈every night before going to bed or waking up every morning... 📝(In the days leading up to the birth of BTS, Korean Army raise $ 1 million, and various institutions donate behalf of the member who is born this day. 📝 👉When 💙Army love BTS so much, 💙 👉they can give🎆 a billion streams to BTS on the own behalf🎆 💪💪Army Fighting💪💪

  • rand_khaldoun 25 days ago

    Nope and I will never

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