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#ValentinoVoceViva The voice of a generation. A symbol of freedom and individuality. Valentino is delighted to welcome @ladygaga as the face of Valentino Voce Viva, the new fragrance for the no boundaries generation.

  • makeovermontage 28 days ago

    Gaga’s Amazon-exclusive beauty line indicates shes anything but a revolutionary voice for freedom. She’s a corporate shill for the worst of them. Cute dresses though.

  • tym._.our 28 days ago

    It would be even better if you didn't need her to do that, but I love your work ❀️

  • heddalettucenyc 28 days ago

    No boundaries generation sounds a tad like someone slipped a roofie in my drink and took advantage of me without my consent. That’s just my initial reaction. Let me see how I feel about it in ten minutes.

  • andrewlloydprice 28 days ago


  • patrushhh 28 days ago

    Good bye Valentino for good

  • ermes07 28 days ago


  • e_schmeidler 28 days ago


  • valentino_gjn 28 days ago


  • sssaiinnt 26 days ago


  • orny15_61 28 days ago


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