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Live gigs and festivals can’t happen without the hard work of an incredible team behind the scenes, but without gigs all of those people are out of jobs and the live music industry is at risk. Last year the UK’s live music industry added £4.5bn to the economy and supported 200k jobs across the country. Until we can get back to doing what we love, it’s important we speak up and demand government support for all of the various venues, festivals and promoters. This photo is from one of the last shows I played before the world went into lockdown. I miss it like crazy. We must stick together through this. Share a photo from your last show and let’s get their attention. #LetTheMusicPlay

  • emmywangg 2 days ago

    stan amelia for clear skin

  • priscilla.w26 2 days ago

    I miss the blond hair❤️

  • lwmyjdjd 2 days ago

    You so cut 😊😊

  • nwtts 2 days ago

    posta uma foto agora niall se eu digo se esperava ou não 😻

  • serenapereira28 2 days ago


  • jaidee_michaela 2 days ago

    You’re fit af

  • arielleeayy yesterday

    pls release champagne lovers 🥺

  • iakirkpatrick yesterday

    Niall is the hottest guy from 1D prove me wrong you can’t 😍

  • ii.lorraa yesterday

    come on barbie let’s go party ah ah ah yeah

  • zefa_ginting yesterday

    Good nial I fans from Indonesia 👏👏

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