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He really did

  • yoleuz 31 days ago

    this girl is going to be a strong woman

  • elllathomas 30 days ago

    New spoken word poem on my account about racism in the U.K.

  • elllathomas 30 days ago

    Rap on my page about racism in America and the U.K.

  • pearl.haggard 27 days ago

    I think I am a "good "girl. I realized recently I have never lived a life of my choosing. More like the rock than the river. Life has been so hectic that I forgot about your misspoken regatta. Some words jumped out at me and punched me viscerally in the chest. Watch my breath fill like a thought bubble. Race war. You said " getting dragged into a race war" Since we are in an actual race war it seemed apropos. You said with your lips problematic words that seemed devicive & w sorrow . But for yourself. For the Beys who live it breathe it & do it in power that anything else seem flat and performative Sorrow for yourself, when you try , it bombs. Comparing Fka & diminishing & showing just what you got from it when it's so much more. Sounds envious and small. There is a language that exists, there is a pattern that is performed. It's so predictable when you counter with the good you did we know exactly why you did it. Karmic retribution isn't something you offer up on social media . The ancestors watch too. So your debt is not paid, they let me know. You say " Not me, I have a color tv!! Yesterday, I was humiliated and discriminated against by a store clerk. She ran over to guard her stock and stare at me with arms crossed In 5 sec. I had $ for the first time in over 16 weeks. I wanted to buy something precious &old & cool to the touch. I was told I have glaucoma & will go blind sooner than later. She took the antique silver plated dresser mirror from my hand and said she would go put it up as it was sold. Not to me When I pointed out the multiple customers walking in & offered to just let her pat me down when I left so she could attend to her business She marched up and got big & I got small When a man 2 years ago attacked me he yelled the N word in my face b4 he punched my temple the first time The wind scares me now. Then the uncontrollable reaction. I go into the dark place & want to run. She followed me aggressively outside. I am five foot tall. She was at least 90 feet. What was she going to do? She had a phone in her hand. When the police came after my attack,I was threatened w arrest I was a suspect in my assault. That is a race war, I live in it every day

  • pearl.haggard 27 days ago

    I cant escape it. No matter how hard I scrubbed as a little sad girl it was never enough to be good enough for everyone else. And, You only really have to turn off social media to escape it. It only exists there That's not really persecution and your really not a victim of it. It's your choice to be there. I would give any thing to have a choice. To have a voice. To say something. Anything. Please use yours w intentions that are more in line w your vision Because while you sing about the toxic and brutal. You could buy another life. You visit but you dont live there. And be glad for that. Be very glad. Peace be with you as above and so below

  • micky_art_me 25 days ago


  • christabel12457 22 days ago

    I've tried several strategies but all proved abortive until I met @rachael_zachary_td now earned 1BTC, thanks you so much @rachael_zachary_td

  • sequoai666neviat 21 days ago

    Who daughter is this

  • sequoai666neviat 21 days ago

    George Floyd?

  • lil_mama_ga 19 days ago

    I happen to think it requires more than being on your daddy’s shoulders to make you into a strong woman

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