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  • theborderlinegirls 33 days ago


  • kritikajones 31 days ago

    "That's so unfair to stand for Criminal, portraying him as Hero when what he webt through was Because of his deed's"!

  • akim_mika_21 29 days ago

    His a CRIMINAL... I'm not saying I'm glad his dead... but I'm glad his not doing anymore crimes...

  • maritza_ritz74 26 days ago


  • dianaevillamar 26 days ago

    George Floyd was a thug who was used to turn our country against each other.

  • pizzledrizzle.65 22 days ago


  • jess7ski 19 days ago

    He died of an overdose. His death was sad, but used to divide this country.

  • mushrooms_clouds 16 days ago

    It’s November and I still can’t believe this actually happened ... how can you kill someone so slowly and have no mercy

  • shane21burke 15 days ago

    Rest In Paradise brother πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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